Don’t Open That!

Throughout the year, students in elementary school are learning about keeping safe when online. Currently, the focus is about how to avoid Spam and never clicking on a pop-up.

Elementary students’ email accounts are on a ‘Restrict Delivery’ mode. This means that the school email cannot send to or receive emails from outside of the school domain ‘’.

However, many students have mobile phones and personal email accounts and eventually, their domains will not be protected. As a result, we are talking to students about staying safe online regarding emails and pop-ups.

Based upon Common Sense Media lesson You’ve Won a Prize!, students are are learning about Spam, how to deal with Spam and also, to never click on a pop-up.  We discuss strategies that include not opening up emails if they don’t know the sender, and never, ever give out personal information.  Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to speak with their parents regarding Spam as strategies for keeping safe online.


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