Spider Sense Tingling?

With our current digital citizenship lesson in grades 4 and 5, we have been discussing ‘Spider-Sense’ and the Internet. There are three big ideas that we review:

  1. The Internet is forever; be thoughtful about what you post, text, share, or comment
  2. Privacy online is never guaranteed; if you don’t want the world to see it, don’t put it online
  3. Use your Spider-Sense ‘ listen to your inner voice’; if you aren’t sure, question it.

In order to help students visual this,  we ask them to think of a red balloon.  Once the student has sent a photo, texted a friend, shared an experience, etc, the red balloon it out of their hands and they can no longer control where it goes or who sees it.

We strongly encourage students to talk to their parents about social media. If something comes up that they are uncomfortable with or unsure of, talk to your folks.

The Internet is a wonderful place, full of information, creativity, ideas, and learning communities. However, students need to be thoughtful and savvy when participating in this gigantic digital world. Talk to your child today about social media today!


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